Tax Overview

At NH Bookkeeping Services, LLC we streamline professional assistance in assuring taxpayers understand and properly manage federal and state income tax obligations. We stand with our clients throughout the preparation of their tax returns to ensure results, and give our clients an understanding of their taxes and standings. We stay updated with the latest federal and state income tax obligations and how they impact you or your business to ensure compliance and ease of mind. We actively identify new ways to reduce federal and state tax liabilities and apply that throughout the preparation of tax returns to ensure satisfaction.




Tax Preparation. No Limits in Service

NH Bookkeeping Services, LLC prepares tax returns for: individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, non-profit entities, estates and trusts, as well as gift tax returns. In addition we also offer professional preparation of federal and state tax returns at competitive, affordable rates. Our mission is to ensure that you are aware of all of your legal allowed deductions in order to minimize your tax liability and make educated decisions. We offer worksheets and client organizers which enable you take advantage of potentially missed deductions. We're proud to offer free initial consultations for new clients to understand how to best serve you and layout plans for your future success. In order to ensure complete care,  we urge clients whose tax situation has changed significantly to schedule an appointment to review these changes with us. We're also happy to  electronically file federal and state tax returns at no additional charge.


"Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail."

Sir Winston Churchill

Tax Planning

Tax planning is the key to successful reduction in tax liability. By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, and implementing our expertise, it will ensure you will stay up to date with your understanding to the most current new developments in the tax laws and how to implement them. We work with our clients to build a custom plan that's unique to their business. The best possible plan for you to minimize your taxes, and not just at the end of the year, but all throughout the year. We are regularly posting the latest rule and regulations changes on our social media pages.


Audit Representation

Audits can take up significant time and effort gathering records and can become a very stressful experience trying to figure out, interpret and understand the complex tax laws. We have experience dealing with many taxing authorities and can properly represent you before the various federal and state tax agencies.

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